Hello Darlings,

My name is Katie, and this is my blog, Humble Darling. I hope you have stumbled across this space because you found the title intriguing, were scrolling through Pinterest feed looking for advice, or if you’re like me, just happened across a website that might be relatable to you. Either way, I’m so happy we’ve met!

You might be wondering exactly who I am, what I do, and why start a blog. All I can really say right now is that I have always found writing as an outlet to my creativity. My journals growing up were a safe space for me to express my inner thoughts I never felt comfortable sharing with my friends or peers. Now, as an adult and as I enter the next chapters of my life, I feel this surge of inspiration and desire to finally share my writing. The next chapter of my life includes being a wife, an experienced English teacher, and hopefully motherhood not too far away. Yes, it rained on our wedding day as you can see from the Hunter boots in my photograph. I like to think that I took what could have been a disappointment, and made it unique and interesting. That’s my approach to life and in this next chapter, I feel more confident than I ever have, so I can’t wait to share my ride with you!


But Katie, why did you choose the title “Humble Darling?” Thank you for asking, reader, because I think it’s important to understand the title in order to understand my purpose. I have always been an introvert, meaning, I have always preferred solitude over the company of others, I have withheld contributing to conversations and instead letting others lead discussions, and I have often been labeled as a “shy girl.” As a young woman, I used to regret and dislike this personality trait; however, as I reach my early thirties, I believe my experiences have taught me to embrace this trait and use it to my advantage. If this blog were to develop a theme, I hope it would show a woman finally showing her true personality, and embracing everything she has learned along the way.

The word humble means: not proud or arrogant, modest. This word can also relate to a person who might not always be the center of attention. In a world where you can get everyone’s attention with the push of a button in your palm, I hope my writing can make sense to those of us who most of the time like to watch from the side. We are not wallflowers, Darlings, we are shy girls who have finally embraced our true identities.

Finally, the word darling means: a person very dear to another; one dearly loved. I am from the south, so I am very familiar with the term darling, and I use it often when referring to close friends. So let’s be friends, Humble Darlings, and let’s see where this new friendship and chapter takes us!





Wedding Photographs: by Cathrine Taylor

Wedding Dress: by Heidi Elnora

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