It’s amazing how life can change in an instant… okay, aside from being completely corny, I have found this statement to be quite truthful. I remember setting up this blog last summer as a creative outlet to express my new thoughts and feelings towards my new title as “wife.” I never imagined it would include an additional title, “mother,” so quickly, but Lord, I’m so thankful it did.

My son, William, was born on April 4th, 2018 and it’s insane to think that almost three months have flown by already. I remember my pregnancy being something that was not a time I’d like to revisit in the written word. Needless to say, I was not myself. To spare a lengthly sob-story about how my body expanded but my brain seemed to shrivel, I was simply tired. I still taught everyday at my middle school and coached cross country, but picked up a new teaching gig at The University of Alabama as an adjunct instructor twice a week at night. I was the busiest I’d ever been in my life, and pregnancy seemed like it would never end, but then, he started kicking.

William kicked, and he kicked, and he kicked. He’s still kicking. There are times in my life when I feel like I get a sign from God. Such as when it rained on our wedding day, I was the last one to leave the limo before we all crammed into the 19th century chapel. I was sitting there alone for the first time in days (this is something you will learn I actually crave) and watching the rain slide down the windows. I was finally allowed to have a pity party for myself about the fact that we would not get the sunset pictures along the Black Warrior River I dreamed of. As I was sitting hunched over and overwhelmed, I realized that God had granted me a bit of peace and silence. I saw the rain as His sign that everything was going to be okay. Perhaps it’s true, that rain on your wedding day makes for a tighter knot, or is the saying that it makes the couple fertile? I know the last one to be true.

William’s kicking was like that moment in the limo, a reminder. I was constantly reminded of why my body was taking such a toll. Other moms constantly told me the same thing, “Once it’s all over, you’ll forget about it all.” To this day, I don’t believe a word they said. I’ll never forget the swollen ankles, the lack of coffee, the headaches due to failure of drinking enough water, and of course, the restroom runs ranging from 3-6 times ALL NIGHT LONG. But I’ll never forget his kicks. I might forget all of the other stuff, so long as I could feel those kicks again.



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