Dear Darlings,

As you surf inspirational Pinterest boards, read countless glamorous fashion blogs, plan your next adventure by visiting your favorite travel site, and attempt the latest beauty trend, I hope you have stumbled upon Humble Darling.

I’ll be honest, I am very new to the tech and blogging world. Most of my creativity has resided in the space of journal entries and scrapbooking, you know, in books; however, as I enter the next chapter of my life (wife and early 30s), I have experienced a stronger urge to speak to a group of women who might not be heard often: shy girls.

After revisiting some old diary entries, I realized there was a consistent theme, perhaps as an adolescent, I never noticed. Every book I created was about a young girl trying to find her voice in a world always wanting to make her loud. I was trying to discover my style, religion, goals, spirituality, and career aspirations, all while trying to appreciate the person I truly was.

Now, I can confidently admit that I am a self professed shy girl, born introvert, avid reader, and enthusiastic writer. I have picked up a few tricks throughout my journey so far, and I hope I can successfully share them with you, Humble Darlings.

Ultimately, I hope you might turn to this blog as a source to read when you also feel the world doesn’t understand your shy nature. Let’s embrace it together, because the more we can relate to one another, the more powerful our strong, yet softer, voices can be heard.


Katie Lowry